Basketball Gangs 2
Basketball Gangs
Power Soccer
Nice Market Games is a mobile game developer based in Taipei. Focus on sports game particularly. Its target is build up a sports world let fans can campaign online. Nice Market Games has brought three games to the market Basketball Gangs 2, Basketball Gangs and Power Soccer since 2014.

Nice Market Games is a develop game company focus on sports game.

2014 First Product

Basketball Gangs is the first product of Nice Market Games. R & D team hopes to simplify control of the basketball game. Make play basketball easier on smart phone.

Basketball Gangs

Collect popular players. Build dream team.

Simplify Control

Make play basketball easier on smart phone.

Simple co-working office

Started from appWorks incubator.

Focus on second generation product.

Through experience of generation one and background data analysis give second generation more resource.

Basketball Gangs 2

Original skill card system. Strengthen degree of RPG.


Development network technology. Make players campaign online.

R & D team more and more strong.


Go game expo with computer associations, foreign trade associations, and game development association. Sell products and find overseas partners.

San Francisco GDC 2016

San Francisco GDC 2016

Shanghai China Joy 2016

Taipei TGS 2017