☆☆ v2.02 update content ☆☆
  1. Recharge reach the threshold, receive a deluxe stored value gift package!
  2. Open bonus double activity.
  3. Open special items exchange activitie.
☆☆ v2.01 update content ☆☆
  1. New tutorial stages.
  2. Optimize the tutorial guidance.
  3. Added lobby videos.
  4. Fit iPhoneX.
  5. Upgrade Facebook SDK.
  6. Upgrade Youtube SDK.
☆☆ v1.0.9 update content ☆☆
  1. New 24-seconds offense violation rule.
  2. New buzzer beat rule.
  3. New defensive effect. Slow down dribble speed when ball keeper close defender.
  4. Accelerate stamina lose and recovery speed.
  5. Dunk must during speed up.
  6. Rotating direction by joystick when the ball keeper is standing in place.
  7. Forbidden to pass ball back to back-court.
☆☆ v1.08 update content ☆☆
  1. Upgrade Facebook SDK。
☆☆ v1.07 update content ☆☆
  1. New lobby video. Tap video enter full-screen mode.
☆☆ v1.06 update content ☆☆
  1. New practice mode.
☆☆ v1.05 update content ☆☆
  1. User can continue on an interrupted game.
  2. User can unbind Facebook account.
  3. New mall special items.
☆☆ v1.04 update contents ☆☆
  1. New Extreme stage. Challenging Extreme stage continuously and win player deals.
  2. Optimize file download performance.
  3. Adjust begin level of feature.
  4. Fix rank show error on end of the month.
  5. Fix kick out member from organization index error.
☆☆ Basketball Gangs 2 Summer Vacation Special Planning ☆☆
  1. Increase the number of members of the organization to 40.
  2. Added query organization information function.
  3. Add automatic login function.
  4. Adjust the ranking UI and rewards.
  5. Adjust the quests and events reward.
  6. Adjust the naming UI.
  7. Fix Bug.